Rich Media Presentation & Lecture Capture


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Simple, flexible and powerful. Cbox is an agile family of presentation & lecture capture and streaming solutions for any organization requiring rich media content to deliver to any device. It enables anyone to effortlessly capture and produce rich content for the web and mobile devices with the touch of a button or completely automate the workflow from recording to publishing.

Cbox future-proofs your investment and content by solving current video capture and streaming challenges and adapting to your needs down the road. As technology changes, you’ll need a solution that evolves just as quickly. From automated workflows to multi-camera video productions, Cbox integrates into any AV environment and with any content management solution, making deployments and life simpler. With various models available, one is sure to suit your needs for rich content creation.


Cbox L3

Ideal for big deployments, Cbox L3 is a perfect fit for organizations requiring presentation and lecture capture across a large number of rooms. 

Cbox S3

The ultimate presentation & lecture capture solution ready for recording rich media lectures, corporate training, medical procedures, or stream live broadcasts. Feature-rich, Cbox S3 boasts unmatched flexibility.

Cbox P3

If you’re on the go, Cbox P3 is a godsend. With an easy-to-use, built-in touchscreen, Cbox P3 is a portable studio in a box which easily fits in the overhead bin of a plane and packs all the power of the S3.

Command Center

As your room recording and publishing activities increase, being able to easily monitor and manage your deployment becomes vital. Cbox Command Center lets you control it all from one place.