Winnov Announces Videum Xpress Family of PCI Express Video Capture Cards

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Five new PCI Express cards deliver high bandwidth computing to unlock new possibilities in video capture, encoding, and live event streaming over IP.

Santa Clara, CA. – April 2, 2008 — Winnov, LP, a leader in high-quality media communications products, today unveiled the release of its new Videum Xpress family of multi-channel video capture cards. The cards are designed for the latest generation of PC motherboards. They take advantage of the increased computing power and faster data routing capabilities found in the PCI Express (PCIe) bus.

By leveraging these technology advances, Videum Xpress cards can efficiently capture, encode, display, and stream more channels of DVD quality video for distribution over the Internet or private networks. Moreover, the hardware of the Videum Xpress video capture cards can be upgraded via download, ensuring that the investment does not become obsolete as computer systems evolve.

Videum Xpress comes in five models that share the same name as their PCI bus counterparts:

Videum 4100 AV Xpress – single channel
Videum 4400 AV Xpress – four channel audio & video
Videum 4400 VO Xpress – four channel video only
Videum Duo Xpress – two channel broadcast quality
Videum Quattro Xpress – high-performance four channel

All Videum Xpress cards support x1, x4, x8 and x16 PCIe slots. Each offer multiple channels of audio/video inputs, smooth switching capabilities, are highly scalable and support multiple encoding formats.

“We are thrilled that the PCI Express bus is the new standard in computing because it enables users to experience the true potential of the Videum product family,” said Olivier Garbe, Winnov founder and CEO. “The power of Videum Xpress can be witnessed while streaming live events. Users can leverage multiple cards per system, and when used with Windows applications such as Microsoft Expression Encoder, operators can perform live switching, editing, and preview functions that deliver an unequalled viewing experience.” “But maybe the most important feature of Videum Xpress is that they’re future proof. No matter how fast technology evolves, Winnov cards will remain up to date thanks to Videum’s unique ability to perform hardware upgrades via download. Winnov products are designed to ensure that your investment is protected for the long run, and Videum Xpress exemplifies that value.”

Since 1992, Winnov has remained the key technology innovator in video streaming and encoding hardware. Videum Xpress video capture cards are available now. For more information, visit HYPERLINK “”

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