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As if They Were in the Room

Say goodbye to basic templates with a single video of a speaker and slides on the side. Such dated methods for recording and streaming presentations and lectures have become obsolete.

Today people want to use dynamic content on their computers, such as videos and animations. Sometimes the activity of a room is not just a speaker and presentation material; there are a lot of other things going on. For example, audience interaction, use of a document camera, etc.

Cbox enables you to recreate an event and make it available for remote users so that they feel as if they were there.

Cbox L1 is on its way…

Derived from the award winning Cbox S1, Winnov Cbox now comes in a light, yet fully scalable, version.

Perfect for recording any presentation, lecture, training or medical procedure, Cbox L1 is designed to pack a lot of power at a low price, while providing a robust upgrade path.

  • Capture Full Motion (30 fps) from RGB & Video Sources
  • Enable Non-Technical Users with a Touch Screen Interface
  • Extract Text in Real-Time for Auto-Creation of Chapters and Searchable Text
  • Simulate 3D views (Yaw, Pitch and Roll)
  • Switch Between Multiple Mixes with Configurable Presets
  • Create content for the Web and Mobile Devices at the Same Time

For more information on Cbox or to trade-in your current Cbox for the most current version please do not hesitate to contact us at

Did you know?

You can make recordings that use multiple audio and video sources with just one click using the Cbox Touch Interface.

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