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Go HD or Go Home

By Steve Vonder Haar, Research Director of Interactive Media Strategies

Executives are simply being penny wise and pound foolish if they try to capture video content in anything but high-definition formats. Simply put, any presentation that is worth videotaping is worth videotaping well. Not only will your video look good today, it will look good years from now and offer libraries of business content that can inform, train and teach. The resulting cache of institutional knowledge collected via video by your organization will be worth far more than today’s incremental investment in HD gear. To help you make the case on why your company should buy into the HD revolution.

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They’re Here!

Introducing the Cbox S2 HD and P2 HD!

HD versions of the new, 2-Series Cboxes are here in smaller and more versatile form factors. With small form factor (S2) and portable (P2) systems in your arsenal, capturing rich-media experiences in classrooms, corporate conference rooms, recording studios, or at live events will be simpler and more convenient than ever.

With the Cbox S2 HD or P2 HD, you can…

  • Capture up to four HD video sources simultaneously.
  • Automate production by controlling multiple robotic cameras.
  • Mount Cbox S2 HD in a rack (half –width, 2U) or operate standalone.
  • Simplify cabling with an optional Breakout Box for the S2 HD.
  • Travel to any event with ease since. Cbox P2 HD fits in the overhead bin of a plane.

For more information on Cbox or to trade in your system for the latest model, contact us at

To upgrade to the latest software Amalga 1.3, please contact

Did you know?

In addition to high quality video, Cbox automatically creates chapters, thumbnails, and searchable text, all of which are available in our rich media player.

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