VTLS Uses Winnov’s Cbox For Customer Training

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VTLS Inc. is a leading global company that creates Visionary Technology in Library Solutions. With solutions installed at more than 900 libraries in 37 countries for more than 25 years. VTLS supports libraries with products such as Virtua and Integrated Library System (ILS) and VITAL, a digital repository software, and their state of the art RFID system, Fastrac.

As campuses and commercial libraries migrate to digital content, having searchable repositories of media is critical to driving content management and distribution. The VITAL system allows content to be easily indexed and retrieved, including rich media. The VITAL system is an excellent repository for Cbox authored content, allowing users to create rich media content using Cbox, manage content using the VITAL repository, and deliver content using VITAL Media cloud solutions. As institutions capture more video and want to use portals like YouTube and iTunesU, Vital helps automate the process of uploading the content and can act as the back end management system for all content.

VTLS works with VITAL customers who are interested in adding recorded lectures to their VITAL repository, such as the Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM) who uses both systems for medical training. VTLS also uses the Cbox system internally to develop and distribute training materials for customer services and product training.

VTLS records the training sessions in a studio and the Cbox records the audio input, the presentation materials which typically are either a PowerPoint presentation or a live demo of an application like the Virtua application seen below.


Many recording products don’t easily support software training, where cursor movements and navigation need to be explained. The Cbox offers high quality resolution video recording, which facilitates product training. Adding a video make for more personalized instruction.

“Delivering training and instruction this way is far more cost-effective for both us and our customers,” says Vishesh Chachra, Vice President of VTLS. “Recording instructional rich media using Cbox, and managing and delivering using our own VITAL Media solution allows our customers to view content on-demand. Since we don’t require professional videographers, it saves both us and our customers time and money.”

VTLS selected the Cbox system after reviewing other systems and hearing about customers’ needs for supporting rich media in their content management systems. VTLS works with customers of Vital products to develop video capture and storage plans. Because video is becoming more important to colleges as a media for both instruction and reference, having a storage and retrieval plan is important. Campus video usage is projected to continue to grow as reported in of a study of Video Use in Higher Education designed and funded by Copyright Clearance Center and conducted by Intelligent Television with the cooperation of New York University.

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