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They Just Don’t Make Format Wars Like They Used To…

By Steve Vonder Haar, Senior Analyst Enterprise Webcasting & Streaming, Wainhouse Research, LLC

At the dawn of the online multimedia age in the late 1990s, analysts and reporters alike spilled plenty of ink discussing the relative merits of Real Networks’ Real Player in comparison with Microsoft’s NetShow software that ultimately paved the way to Microsoft’s Windows Media player.

In that narrowband era that would run through the year 2000, endless debates ensued on which player provided better quality and which software should be used most often.

Like virtually every other sector of technology, this little corner of the webcasting universe has changed dramatically.

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A Sound, Multi-Format Streaming Investment

Steve Vonder Haar, Senior Analyst at Wainhouse Research, makes a great point about format diversity in his article. Dealing with a multiplicity of video formats are a fact of life, at least for content producers, and you don’t want to be locked down to one format should the need to move onto another arise; a reality with today’s ever-changing video needs. Make a sound investment knowing you’re not locked down to a single format. Check out this month’s Did You Know section for a quick look at Cbox’s multi-format Output Creation Wizard.

Cbox: Multiple Video Formats

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Did You Know?

Cbox supports a variety of formats and options for live broadcasting, on-demand viewing, and high-quality archiving. With Cbox, viewers can easily play back recordings on the web and mobile devices.

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