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Deliver Higher Quality Content to More Viewers

Adaptive bit rate streaming enables you to deliver seamless, higher quality content to a wider range of viewers.

How does it work? In its most basic form, a single source is encoded at different bit rates and the resulting encodings are split up into fragments that are typically a few seconds long. The files are then uploaded to a media server. When a viewer wants to watch the online video, a request is sent from the client player to the media server and the best possible video stream is delivered to the viewer.

The quality of the video stream depends on the viewer’s available bandwidth and CPU capabilities which are both monitored in real time. If the viewer’s bandwidth changes during playback, adaptive bit rate technology automatically adapts and adjusts the bit rate and resolution accordingly, delivering the best experience to the viewer. This results in less buffering, fewer interruptions, and quicker start times.

Versatility in a Box

Inside every Cbox is Winnov’s own industry-trusted, Videum capture technology. Known for its superior performance and reliability, Videum capture technology can encode multiple sources at various bit rates in high quality video and audio.

Cbox not only creates outputs that are optimized for the web and mobile devices, it supports live and on-demand options for adaptive bit rate streaming.

Cbox Adaptive Bit Rate Streaming Settings

For more information on Cbox or to trade in your system for the latest model, contact us at
To upgrade to the latest software, Amalga 1.3, please contact

Did You Know?

With Cbox, you can customize the number of video streams and the bit rate and resolution for each video stream.


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