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Don’t Be a Victim of Murphy’s Law

By Steve Vonder Haar, Senior Analyst Enterprise Webcasting & Streaming, Wainhouse Research, LLC

When it comes to capturing live events for online distribution, Murphy’s Law reigns supreme.

Something absolutely, positively will go wrong when you’re trying to capture a live event and distribute it online. Perhaps your on-site camera won’t have the right connections to plug into the video encoder. Maybe the feed from the room’s audio system is not right for your system. In some cases, connections to the Internet may simply be faulty, blocking your ability to ship content to attendees on the Web.

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The Portable Studio in a Box

Cbox is the most advanced and flexible rich-media webcasting appliance on the market. Not only does it ingest various video and audio sources simultaneously, it also produces multiple outputs that are visually-optimized for playback on the web and a range of mobile devices.

Operating the P2 is a cinch. Combine its built-in touchscreen with the user-friendly interface and the result is rich content produced at the touch of a button. Whether you’re recording and streaming in–room lectures & presentations or off-site events, the P2 truly is a portable studio in a box.

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Did You Know?

The Cbox P2 is powerful yet agile enough to be easily transported anywhere. Watch the video below to see why. For the best viewing experience, be sure to watch in 1080p.


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