A New Home for Winnov

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Winnov ends 2012 with a big change! Well, for us, at least… We’ve moved into our new offices in Santa Clara, California!

Office Front

Winnov LLC’s new address is:

3150 Coronado Drive, Suite C
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Our new location boasts an updated look and setup to the main work area for a more collaborative environment. We have a larger video production studio, a designated showcase space and a training room. Our warehouse is better optimized for production and our conference room is purpose-built for collaborative video communication.

For our partners and customers, it’s business as usual. We’ve worked hard to keep production, operations and training downtime to a minimum during this transition. And we’re not done yet! The paint is still fresh and construction continues for even more enhancements as we settle into our new home. We hope you will visit sometime!

Winnov has had a fantastic 2012 and 2013 already looks very promising both for us and our partners!

Main Work Area

Break Room

Production Area

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