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Making the Shift to a Customized Streaming Solution

By Steve Vonder Haar, Senior Analyst Enterprise Webcasting & Streaming, Wainhouse Research, LLC

Henry Ford would have felt right at home in the enterprise streaming video business.

The pioneering car maker once declared that you could have any color Model T that you wanted – as long as it was black.

Such standardization was necessary to keep early production lines rolling efficiently. Introducing flexibility into the manufacturing process would simply bring with it complexity and costs that would make it impossible to make cars viable for the mass market.

The production discipline of the nascent automobile market provides an object lesson of sorts as we work our way through the evolution of the enterprise streaming technology sector. For more than a decade, the complexity of technologies needed to enable streaming in the enterprise has shaped how vendors develop their products and how their customers have implemented them.

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Solving the Streaming Video Puzzle

Choosing a turnkey end-to-end solution may seem like the obvious choice for solving an organization’s streaming video needs, but this is no longer the case today. As vendors continually make strides in developing and enabling technologies that mesh with one another, more options become available and with that the added benefit of customizability.

Finding and choosing the ideal workflow features for video communications would appear to be a daunting task, but bringing integrators into the picture makes it much less intimidating. With deep knowledge of the latest and greatest technologies, integrators can design and implement the best solutions for organizations and eliminate the challenges associated with trying to mix and match technologies for streaming video.

That’s why integrators turn to the award-winning Cbox for the high-quality video capture piece of the puzzle. Cbox is able to ingest various AV sources including up to four HD sources– all at the same time. Its open-ended architecture means it fits perfectly with any content management system to create an optimized solution for any organization.

 Streaming Video Puzzle



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