HB Group Uses Cbox to Capture and Stream Corporate and Higher Education Events

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Founded in 1988, HB Group, Inc. effectively designs and delivers creative technical solutions to improve live events for clients all over the U.S. and enhances audience engagement through the use of video, sound and lighting with the best technical staff in the industry. For over 20 years, the Company has been offering a wide range of AV equipment rentals and technical production solutions for events, corporate meetings, concerts, festivals, campus events, receptions and any gathering that can be enhanced with presentation technology.

HB Group serves clients in the corporate (including Fortune 100), education, entertainment and live event production markets. With hundreds of events completed per year, HB Group consistently delivers high-quality, live event experiences for remote and live audiences ranging from an intimate few to tens of thousands of people.

Key Factors for Success

Possessing a broad inventory of superior AV equipment is not a guarantee for success in the live event production industry. A main ingredient in HB Group’s recipe for success and what sets it apart from competitors is its internal process and practice of kaizen, which is a philosophy that focuses on continuous improvement. Since the Company delivers solutions for a wide range of event types, it is able to draw from diverse experiences and continuously learn, improve and apply methods to increase effectiveness and efficiency at future shows and events.

Other key factors that enable HB Group to be so successful are the Company’s experienced and expert technical staff, unmatched level of service, creative and close collaboration with each client, comprehensive planning process and notion of “planned flexibility.”

“We have an expression here at HB Group which is ‘planned flexibility.’ We know that when we go into a show or live event, we have to try and anticipate changes to the event or just different ideas we’re going to get hit with from the client. We always plan to go into a show or live event with options,” says Donald Guzauckas, Jr., General Manager for HB Group, Inc.

In HB Group’s line of work, it’s not uncommon for changes to be requested from the client just moments before an event goes live or potential setbacks to be encountered during the event. How does HB Group’s team fulfill these requests while avoiding being flustered with changes and potential setbacks? Through its thorough planning process and selection of AV equipment, its staff is always well-prepared and equipped with top-of-the-line and flexible production solutions to avoid any hitches and ensure consistent delivery of high-quality, live event experiences for its clients and their audiences.

The Exclusive Solution

Deployed by HB Group in over 120 live events annually, Winnov\’s Cbox is used to capture and stream events such as CEO town hall meetings, education forums, training and various corporate addresses as well as university graduations and other campus events. The message in these events can vary wildly from important shareholder messages to holiday greetings to simply entertaining audiences.

HB Group - Capturing and streaming corporate presentation

Cbox is HB Group’s exclusive, rich media webcasting solution for a number of reasons: reliability, advanced features, flexibility and product support.

Capturing and streaming rich content in high volumes such as HB Group does, requires production solutions as capable and reliable as its staff, especially for live streaming where the environment is less forgiving. To ensure that uninterrupted and enhanced experiences are being captured and delivered to live and remote audiences, HB Group entrusts Cbox to handle the task.

The advanced features and ability to ingest multiple sources simultaneously enable Cbox to operate as a mobile production studio and be extremely flexible out in the field, allowing HB Group technicians to easily add branding elements, change window size and position, and plug in additional AV sources—all on the fly.

Prior to using Cbox, HB Group had two different encoding solutions—a plain, vanilla encoder and a basic presentation recorder for some of its legacy clients. “As of today, Cbox is exclusively our encoding product,” said Donald Guzauckas, Jr., reiterating the fact that Cbox’s reliability, advanced features and simultaneous, multi-source ingestion are huge advantages over other encoding solutions and enables his team to quickly adapt to changes at any moment.

The high level of confidence HB Group has in Cbox as its exclusive, rich media webcasting solution is also due to the customer and product support that HB Group receives from Winnov. Donald Guzauckas, Jr. said, “When my crew is out in the field, they know if in the unlikely event that there is an issue with Cbox, they’re going to get exceptional support from Winnov. The support and software updates and everything we get from Winnov is one of the many reasons we continue to expand our use of Cbox.”

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