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Enriching the Habitat for Executives

By Steve Vonder Haar, Senior Analyst Enterprise Webcasting & Streaming, Wainhouse Research, LLC

When I was a kid, I never liked going to the zoo.

I hated to see animals in the concrete cages, seemingly locked in a prison. It didn’t seem right to me that they should sacrifice their life and preferred surroundings just to entertain bratty kids like me.

So, perhaps it’s not surprising that today I sometimes still wince when I see kings of the corporate jungle pushed outside their natural habitat to deliver streaming video messages to key audiences.

While many chief executive officers are great presenters in any venue, some simply do not belong on a stage or in a television studio. Instead, they are most comfortable in the customary surroundings of their corporate conference rooms.

That can be both good news and bad news for companies seeking to leverage streaming video to increase the visibility of their key executives, whether with employees or external audiences – or both.

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Customer Case Study


HB Group Chooses Cbox as Its Exclusive Encoding Solution

HB Group, Inc., a recognized leader in the AV rental and technical production industry, deploys Cbox in over 120 live events annually to capture and stream events such as CEO town hall meetings, education forums, training and various corporate addresses as well as university graduations and other campus events.

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