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Searching for the Right Webcasting Solution Can Make End Users Feel Like Goldilocks

By Steve Vonder Haar, Senior Analyst Enterprise Webcasting & Streaming, Wainhouse Research, LLC

Goldilocks must have grown up to be a video engineer.

At least that’s all one can surmise in scanning the set of video capture devices and software available to organizations looking to produce and distribute more business-oriented rich media content via streaming platforms.

Just as Goldilocks discovered in her encounters with The Three Bears, you may have to do some experimenting  before settling on a solution that is “just right.”

Certainly, most people who have worked on creating video content can attest that there are platforms being sold in today’s market that are simply “too hard” to be useful. While it’s great to have devices that can capture video in any resolution, store it in any size and then automatically transcode it into a viable format for streaming, it can be overwhelming for an average user to leverage some advanced capture solutions because of the sheer complexity of setting them up.

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When Simplicity Meets Functionality

Choosing the ideal webcasting solution to deploy from today’s list of vendors may be easier said than done. As influencers and decision makers define what is ideal, finding a solution that strikes the balance between required specs and nice-to-have features can prove to be challenging – although it doesn’t have to be.

Designed for users of all skill levels, Cbox blends together an intuitive interface with advanced and flexible capabilities for a webcasting solution that is just right. A simplified interface enables even novice users to produce high-quality content with just a press of a finger. Experienced video production users can dive into advanced menus and options to fine tune settings. Best of all, Cbox can be fully automated to capture, produce and publish content so users don’t even have to lift a finger.

















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