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How You Buy a Streaming Solution Can Be Just as Important as What You Buy

By Steve Vonder Haar

The economics of business streaming are changing right before our eyes.

Not so long ago, companies that wanted to deploy streaming technology platforms for their own use had few options to consider when investing in these solutions. In most cases, these organizations would write a big check up-front – sometimes paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single shot – to deploy comprehensive streaming solutions on their corporate network.

Now, thanks to shifts in the way streaming platforms are sold and deployed, implementing these capabilities no longer boils down to this type of “all-or-nothing” fiscal decision.

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Cbox Extends Automation and Enhances Content with External Triggers


Learn how Cbox leverages its open APIs, integrated switching, mixing, scaling and pan-tilt-zoom camera control capabilities to capture and produce enhanced content for viewers.



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Winnov not only provides flexible and powerful tools to tackle your lecture capture and webcasting challenges, but also exceptional product and technical support services to help ensure you receive the most value and performance out of your rich media solution.

Winnov customers can further reduce costs while staying at the technological forefront by enrolling in Cbox support plans which include the following benefits:

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