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The Pursuit of Simplified Webcast Production

By Steve Vonder Haar

Meeting the demand for simplified webcast production has been the holy grail for streaming technology developers for years.

Leading vendors continually work to boil complex features out of their platform solutions. Indeed, several vendors of webcasting capture appliances seemingly achieved nirvana a couple years back by rolling out systems that allow presenters to record presentations at the push of a single button on the front of the device.

Today, however, simplicity is moving beyond the frontiers of straightforward push-button recording. Now, vendors are looking at ways to program their systems to automate the webcast production process even further.

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Cbox: Your Invisible Production Team

It simply isn’t practical to have a dedicated video production team on hand to record every meeting or lecture that takes place. And let’s face it – a majority of instructors and presenters would prefer to avoid fiddling with control panels while delivering lectures and presentations.

However, this doesn’t mean that experiences captured in classrooms and conference rooms can’t be transformed into polished and professional-quality video content.

Unlike basic presentation recorders, the advanced Cbox does more to extend automation and steps in as your invisible production team to help you create rich viewing experiences that will better engage audiences.

Cbox simplifies the webcast production workflow by automatically:

  • Scheduling and publishing content
  • Extracting text and images in real-time
  • Creating chapters, thumbnails and indexing
  • Switching among AV sources and video layouts
  • Controlling multiple pan-tilt-zoom cameras

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