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Future-proofing Your Streaming Investment

When it comes to streaming, I’m something of nostalgia curmudgeon.

Rather than ruminating on the past, my preference is to focus on the future. And while we’ve seen great progress in the adoption of online video (and the range of streaming solutions that makes online video more useful) in the past decade, I’m much more excited about the impact that streaming will have on business communications in the next 10 years.

That’s why it’s time to re-visit a topic of vital importance in the world of enterprise streaming: future-proofing. I’ve shared some thoughts in previous columns for the Winnov newsletter on the strategic decisions end users can make to extend the value and lifecycle of their streaming media technology investments.

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Protecting You from Emerging Technology Formats



The lack of standardization in the world of online video has made creating and playing back content across multiple devices difficult – even today.

Fortunately for content creators, Cbox has the flexibility to support a wide range of formats and streaming protocols enabling organizations to produce rich content and confidently reach targeted audiences live and on-demand.

The addition of a Cbox support plan maximizes the value of your investment and further protects your organization from obsolete and emerging codecs and streaming protocols. Customer support, major software updates and a buyback program ensure you’ll always be equipped with the latest tools to produce the highest-quality viewing experiences.



Cbox HTML5 Rich Media Player Available Soon



Cbox’s HTML5 Rich Media Player will enable users and viewers to:

  • Easily customize and style rich media players
  • Increase compatibility and playback support for mobile devices to reach a wider audience
  • Eliminate the need for plug-ins to playback content
  • Simplify video search and navigation with integrated tools
  • Engage in more interactive viewing experiences from PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets

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