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Factors to Consider Before Deploying a Webcasting Solution

More money, more problems.

This lament of the financially well-to-do also is an apropos description of the dilemma facing executives who hold the purse strings on communications technology purchase decisions for their business.

The simple truth is that if you have money to spend on webcasting solutions, the chances are high that you’re also spending quite a few brain cycles thinking about the things that could go wrong if you pull the trigger on investing in an online video technology solution.

In a survey of 1,007 executives Wainhouse Research conducted in the fourth quarter 2013, respondents were asked to rate the importance of a series of eight factors that can influence a web communications technology purchase decision.

The issues offered for consideration in the survey cover the range of issues typically facing executives during the purchase evaluation process. In general, they address how fast solutions can be deployed, the offering’s overall level of technical sophistication, and the financial impact that would result from their deployment.


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Cbox: The Cost-saving Solution


As mentioned in Steve Vonder Haar’s article this month, “total cost of ownership” was ranked the top issue for both decision makers and technical staff during the purchase evaluation process of web communications technologies.

The total cost of ownership for a technology solution can become exorbitant when you calculate and add up all the equipment costs, integration costs, licensing fees, and support fees over the entire lifecycle of the installation.

Winnov engineers solutions that maximize value and provide cost-saving integration, which is why we’ve packed so much technology into one product.

We extend the lifecycle of your investment by protecting you from obsolescent technology (and prepare you for emerging ones!) through software and platform upgrades.

Just take a look at some of Cbox’s cost-saving and flexible capabilities:

  • Integrated switching, mixing and scaling
  • Control multiple PTZ cameras
  • Produce multiple, device-optimized outputs at the same time
  • Simultaneously stream and record live HD content
  • Real-time auto indexing of images and text
  • Publish to any content management solution

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