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Weave Online Video into Your Communications

Old habits die hard.

This truism of human nature is the bane of anybody evangelizing the adoption of new technologies in the enterprise. Even as technology improves every year, our appetite for embracing solutions that streamline business communications remains limited.

The simple truth is that most of us are comfortable in sticking with the things that work. You validate this assumption everyday if you’re among the majority of executives who usually pick up a desktop phone to make a call at work.

In an evolving world of Voice over IP, mobile devices, and unified communications, the idea of using a desktop telephone conceivably could be thought of as “old fashioned.” Instead, the basic telephone still remains a valued alternative in the business communications toolbox. More than half (55%) of the 1,007 executives participating in the Wainhouse Research Enterprise Web Communications Survey conducted in the fourth quarter of 2013 report that they use a desktop telephone for business applications.

The staying power of the telephone is remarkable. After all, we’re talking about a solution that was the staple of business communications at the same time that Ford Motor Co. was rolling out the Edsel and IBM was introducing the world to the joys of computer punch card programming – the 1950’s.

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Video: A Powerful and Effective Communication Tool


Phone and email have been the mainstays of business communication for a while now; Email for about 20 years, phones for… well, who can remember a time when businesses didn\’t use phones!?

Now, we have video! It adds a whole new dimension to communication. It\’s attention-grabbing, engaging and activates parts of your brain that help memory retention. Have you ever tried to describe over the phone what something looks like?

Try this exercise. Describe each socket below.


It’s more challenging than it sounds!

Now, perhaps you need to explain how something works. Let\’s say someone needs to be trained to use new software as in the one below. Imagine the amount one needs to write to explain what knobs to adjust and to what values to achieve a particular result!


Would it have been easier to demonstrate in a video? Probably. If a picture is worth a thousand words, video speaks volumes! Organizations who realize this leverage video as an effective communication tool enhancing learning and training.

Because computers and mobile devices are essential for communication, they are everywhere and focal points in driving business activities. Each screen becomes an opportunity for delivering video to engage your team like no other medium can today.


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