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Put the Right Video Content into Viewers’ Hands

Looking for some tips for getting the most out of online video in your business? I suggest you head to the local library.

Even though your branch location is unlikely to offer a book with state-of-the-art insight on business webcasting, there’s still plenty to learn just by walking through the lobby doors.

As you enter the library, take a good look around. Take note of where the books are. Most likely they’re not scattered haphazardly on the floor. My hunch is that you’ll find most of the books lined up on shelves, sorted for easy retrieval based on their Dewey Decimal System designation.

Congratulations! You’ve just become an expert in on-demand webcasting.

It turns out that the secret sauce of creating video for use in business is not based on having high-end cameras or slick on-screen graphics. Rather, just as is the case with your local library, the true value of webcasting is realized when users can lay their hands on the right piece of content when they need it.

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Winnov and MediaCore Team up to Deliver a Powerful and Automated End-to-end Solution

Winnov has teamed up with MediaCore, an award-winning media management platform, to enhance video-based learning experiences while simplifying the way rich media content is created, managed and shared across the education and enterprise space.

The end-to-end solution deeply integrates Winnov’s advanced lecture capture technology with MediaCore’s powerful, cloud-based video platform. Through the partnership, customers can easily enhance content with multi-source capture and switching, auto-index metadata in real time, and automatically upload and manage content in a secure media library.

Immersive content can be accessed and experienced by users on any device, from anywhere. Learners not only watch video but also interact with rich content on a robust HTML5 player featuring multi-source switching capability right inside the player.

From capture to consumption, the automated end-to-end solution simplifies the online video workflow for end users while boosting engagement and improving learning experiences for audiences everywhere.

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