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Good Software Can Extend Automation in Any Environment

Sometimes, even technology industry buzz can feel like warmed-over leftovers.

At least that’s the way I feel when I begin hearing people gush about: “The Internet of Things” – seemingly the trend du jour following Google’s move earlier this year to buy technology provider Nest in a deal valued at $3.2 billion.

Since then, it seems like people have 3.2 billion reasons to fuss over the implications of an emerging set of technology applications that make it possible to remotely control or monitor devices. Google’s Nest, for instance, enables a world of connected thermostats that makes it easier for individuals to save energy while maximizing comfort.

Undoubtedly, this concept pushes the technology industry envelope and possibly foretells of even more network-driven digital device integration. Even so, forgive video pros in the enterprise if they feel a sense of déjà vu when they hear about technology that automates the process of controlling a surrounding environment.

Simply put, the idea behind the “Internet of Things” is a re-hash of capabilities that we’ve seen from video capture appliances for years.

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Cbox Enhances Room Control Systems


The flexible Cbox integrates with existing workflows and control systems to produce more engaging experiences for VOD, live streaming and in-room audiences. Configurable presets in Cbox can be leveraged to stretch the capabilities of hardware control systems, further extending automation. When coupled with Cbox\’s intelligent software, control systems can do more than just switch among routed signals and start/stop recordings on a touch panel…

Simple Cbox presets can be integrated to:

  •  Switch & Mix multiple AV inputs
  •  Swap between custom video layouts
  •  Control multiple pan-tilt-zoom cameras

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