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The Big Bang Theory in Education

By: Alan D. Greenberg

If you want to know about the future of technology in education, it may pay to take a step back and re-visit what you know about The Big Bang Theory.

Whether you are familiar with the physics world and the concept that the universe was created billions of years ago, or watch the highly-rated TV show about a bunch of oddball science-oriented geeks trying to make it in the world, you know there are a lot of physics theories about how the universe continues to expand and the way the world works.

One of those principles is the theory of inertia: the tendency of objects to keep moving in a straight line at constant linear velocity, resisting any change of motion or speed. Indeed, don’t blame some educators for feeling like inertia is a way of life.

In the classroom, it may often feel like it’s still the same old same old: rows of desks, textbooks, overhead projectors, maybe a TV monitor or computer in the corner of the classroom.  Or maybe a “1:1: initiative” that puts school-owned devices in the hands of learners – many such initiatives have been subject to scrutiny and received negative evaluations in terms of effectiveness.  Or maybe it’s the gloom and doom in the media about declining test scores and academic performance set the tone for what so many believe: that education remains stodgy and old fashioned.

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