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Don’t Let Yourself Be a Streaming Castaway

By: Steve Vonder Haar

As the solutions that enable online video in the enterprise continue to evolve, your organization must be careful in picking the technology you use for streaming video. With one misstep, you could find yourself stranded on a lonely island of webcasting with a solution that leaves you feeling lost at sea.

In a world where stand-alone solutions historically have defined the webcasting market, the emergence of platforms that leverage open application program interfaces (APIs) are giving technology purchase decision makers more options than ever before. Platforms with truly open APIs make it possible for solutions from different vendors to easily share data, providing organizations increased flexibility in implementing streaming solutions tailored to address their needs.

If you haven’t paid much attention to APIs in the past, here are the three top reasons that you should be asking vendors more pointed questions about their API philosophy before making your next streaming investment.

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HTML5 Video Recap: What You Missed at InfoComm Connections 2015

(Hint: If viewing on a desktop or laptop, try moving and re-sizing the video windows for a customized experience!)

In case you weren’t able to catch us at InfoComm Connections 2015, click the HTML5 video above to learn about exciting announcements and how to:

  • Capture multiple rooms simultaneously from a single Cbox
  • Create enhanced, multi-view experiences with one camera input
  • Centrally monitor, manage and automate your deployments

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