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The Importance of Searchability in an Age of Information Overload

By: Steve Vonder Haar

Libraries are of little use when all the books are scattered on the floor.

After all, even having a collection equivalent to the Library of Congress doesn’t mean a whole lot if you can’t find the right piece of information when you need it. Without a structure for sorting and cataloging all titles, books become little more than intellectual clutter.

So imagine the plight of companies today that are dealing with new age libraries of their own. Increasingly, organizations are developing large archives of on-demand video content.

After all, almost every company that uses streaming video is in the process of building an on-demand library of content. Of the organizations that reported use of streaming in a fourth quarter, 2014 survey of 1,201 executives conducted by Wainhouse Research, 97% say that they have archived some online video for business use. And nearly one-fifth (19%) of organizations that use streaming video today report that they have more than 100 hours of content stored in their archives.

The challenge for business executives is that no equivalent of the Dewey Decimal System used in libraries has emerged for the digital video realm. While some search technologies attempt to mimic Google-like “searchability” for video, it is difficult to replicate the pinpoint accuracy in exploring video content that Google delivers in online text searches.

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