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Discovering the Right Room for Live and On Demand Streaming: Seek and Ye Shall Find

By: Alan D. Greenberg

Stopped by your local college anytime recently for a soda in the student union, or an adult learning seminar offered by local faculty?  If you have been on any educational campus recently but not looked around, you may have missed the quiet revolution taking place in on-demand tech, simply because you were in the wrong room.

Consider the results of the most recent Wainhouse Research survey of 228 respondents in Higher Education (HE), K-12, and not-for-profit / governmental service / content providers. Of those we surveyed 44% of the Higher Ed (HE) organizations report mainstream use of lecture capture, streaming and archive recording. Another 36% describe “some / informal use” of these capabilities.  This means that four out of five institutions of Higher Ed are using on-demand tech in some way or another– a combined adoption rate of 80% that is an all-time high in our five years of fielding this survey.

Higher Ed On-demand Tech Adoption

The problem is, you wouldn’t know about this revolution if you didn’t walk into the right program or department.  Adoption varies widely by discipline area.  Often it’s the Business or Engineering or Medical school that is the early adopter, and other disciplines follow suit over time.  But we know the pace of adoption is increasing because every year we conduct the survey, the number of institutions using on-demand tech increases.

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