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Classroom Capture: It’s Good to Have Someone Watching Over Your Shoulder

By: Steve Vonder Haar

It never hurts to have a watchful eye looking over your shoulder.

This maxim may seem outdated in today’s video-enriched classroom, where lecture capture systems have become so simple that even the most technology adverse professors can easily initiate the recording of an in-class presentation for later viewing.

Video in the classroom has not always been this straightforward. Recall the traditional process of recording video in a learning environment. In a big classroom, a technician would sit in a dark corner, making sure that the audio is working, the lighting is right and that all the technology needed to capture an instructor’s lecture is up and running.

In this environment, video recording evolved into a task seemingly too convoluted to trust to mere mortals. Instructors had been left helpless – from a video perspective, at least – when working in classrooms not staffed with their living, breathing AV security blanket.

Those days are long gone, fortunately. Technology vendors have transformed the “in-classroom technician” into the virtual equivalent of an endangered species. Packaged solutions have massively simplified the video recording process – to the point where instructors almost take lecture capture for granted.

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The Video Capture and Streaming Platform
That Evolves with Your Needs

Cbox L3 - S3 - P3

At InfoComm 2015, Winnov introduced its new family of Cbox video capture and streaming solutions that evolve with customer needs and deployment requirements in higher education, enterprise communications, and related vertical markets. Built on an agile platform with internet-centric software development down to the programmable AV processing chip, Winnov Cbox solutions provide organizations with a cost-effective way to easily capture and share rich media experiences.

Winnov is focused on reducing the cost of ownership and future-proofing customers based on three key components: 

  • Scalable and powerful solutions that can expand as customer needs evolve
  • An easy-to-use interface that allows any users to centrally monitor, manage, and automate recording and streaming across their network
  • Open architecture that enables easy integration of existing and future applications from Winnov and its partners.

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