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Why You Should Add Live Video to Your Video Strategy

By: Steve Vonder Haar

When it comes to online video in the enterprise, all roads seemingly lead to live production.

No matter how much money you spend on assembling splashy on-demand videos, investing in advanced content archiving systems or otherwise building extensive video content libraries, your success or failure in online video ultimately rests on reliably delivering live video on a cost-effective basis.

At first glance, it’s hard to explain executives’ apparent love affair with live video. After all, I have yet to meet any self-respecting couch potato who doesn’t just love having a digital video recorder in their living room for time-shift viewing of entertainment content.

Yet put these couch potatoes in an office and suddenly they become executives who crave access to video in real-time. Consider the following results from a Wainhouse Research survey of 1,201 executives conducted in the fourth quarter of 2014. In the survey, respondents at companies that use live online video were asked to identify the type of online video – live or on-demand – that they perceive to be the most useful in enhancing productivity at work. More than four out of five executives (82%) surveyed cited “live video” as the most useful type of video for enhancing productivity.

Live Online Video Stat

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Video Recap: InfoComm15 Announcements

Winnov: InfoComm15 Video Recap - Thumbnail

Watch this brief video recap to learn more about exciting Winnov announcements at InfoComm15 including:

  • A new family of Cbox video capture and streaming solutions
  • Multi-Room Capture to record up to five rooms simultaneously
  • Command Center for centralized deployment monitoring and control

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