Winnov Newsletter – December 2015

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By: Steve Vonder Haar

Creating video content takes a lot more effort than just flipping on a camera.

After all, it seemingly takes a small army to make the videos we watch as couch potatoes in our living rooms. Technicians need to get equipment in place. The lighting needs to be just right. Audio inputs have to be managed. And once you have good video captured, you need other professionals to edit it all together.

Little wonder that some folks can get overwhelmed with the idea of producing video when they’re doing their day jobs. When Wainhouse Research surveyed 1,512 executives in the fourth quarter of 2015, only 24% of respondents said that they strongly agreed with the statement “When considering the skills needed to produce video good enough to share with others at work, I possess the capability for creating this video.”

And academics are even more leery of video production. Out of the participating survey respondents from the education segment, only 17% agreed with the idea that they have sufficient skills for creating video.

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Winnov in Streaming Media Magazine’s Top 100

Winnov in Streaming Media 100

Winnov is proud to be recognized by Streaming Media Magazine as one of the 100 Online Video Companies that Matter Most in 2015.These companies are the most influential in the online video industry. For the fifth year in a row, Winnov has been named to The Streaming Media 100 list!

Our continued success is driven by our customers and partners who deploy and integrate our products and tell us what challenges are faced in today’s world of presentation & lecture capture, webcasting and streaming. We’re committed to continue creating innovative solutions for your industry so we can all be more effective at what we do. To all of you, we thank you!


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