Case Study: Topcon Medical Systems Enhances Internal and External Communications Using Cbox

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Topcon Medical Systems (TMS), based in Oakland, NJ, is a leading developer and supplier of diagnostic equipment for the ophthalmic community. One of Topcon’s goals is striving to be at the forefront of adopting new technologies that can be utilized to enhance its expanding business. Using Winnov’s Cbox P3 “Portable Studio in a Box,” the Company aimed to augment its online media presence for both its internal employees and customers to help achieve this goal.

Topcon Medical Products

The Challenge

The Topcon Marketing department was looking for an all-in-one solution to create high-quality, rich media training videos and record in-depth product presentations that could be captured for placement on the Company’s websites as well as broadcast live to a worldwide audience. The initial challenge to this problem was finding a hardware platform that would be scalable, easy to use, and comprehensive enough to meet Topcon’s current and future needs.

Selection Process

After researching the options that were available, the Winnov Cbox P3 was clearly the platform that best fit the Company’s requirements. One of the primary reasons Topcon chose the Winnov Cbox P3 for its video production hardware was because of the breadth of knowledge, high level of responsiveness and sales support provided by the team at Winnov. Winnov’s full understanding of Topcon’s use case, requirements, and implementation simplified the entire process – from inception to the final execution, the staff at Winnov assisted Topcon at every stage, including routinely following up after the solution had been installed in the live production environment.

The Solution

“In addition to Winnov’s stellar customer service, the Cbox P3 hardware cannot be beat in terms of its portability and high end capabilities. Not only is it an extremely powerful all-in-one device; it is user friendly and intuitive,” says Sheri O’Brien, Training Manager for Topcon America Corporation. From the touch screen interface to the drag and drop, on-the-fly audio/video mixing and manipulation, the Cbox has no equal. Cbox has now enabled Topcon with the capability to attend industry trade shows and easily and simultaneously record and live broadcast each event. This capability is invaluable for Topcon.

Prior to purchasing the Winnov Cbox, the Company had no commercial-quality way to seamlessly integrate multiple video and audio feeds into a live stream and produce an archived video for later use. The capabilities that the Cbox afford to Topcon are vital to its online media presence, both internally and publicly.

Both Topcon’s marketing team and medical device training team have created a plethora of videos that are quickly published to the Topcon University training website. This is an interactive online tool that empowers the Company’s employees with anywhere, anytime access to view training material for its ophthalmic equipment. The previous process for creating these videos was extremely time consuming and lacked the polish that the Winnov system now provides. Rich content creation is now completed in-house and no longer requires any outside equipment or third party to accomplish this. The amount of time and cost savings that Topcon’s departments have saved since implementation is significant.

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The Results

Employees from around the globe can now experience engaging videos and gain valuable training without having to travel to the head office. This capability alone has already saved the Company thousands of dollars and continues to reduce costs with the use of Cbox. No longer is it necessary for Topcon’s remote employees to be flown to the Company’s Oakland, New Jersey location to receive the essential training necessary for supporting its customers around the world. Having the capability to integrate multiple camera angles and audio feeds completely immerses the viewer; essentially placing them right there in presentation and training rooms.


Topcon’s ever growing online repository of training videos and informative product presentations have proven to be an invaluable addition to both the Company’s training program and its employees. “Topcon is now able to produce quality training material in a much shorter time than before while also improving upon the production quality of online material, “ says Sheri O’Brien. The Winnov Cbox P3 has proven to be an indispensable piece of hardware for Topcon. Not only has the Cbox P3 been able to produce the quality of videos representative of the worldwide leader in Ophthalmic Medical equipment; it has given Topcon a new way to reach and interact with its employees and customers. “I highly recommend the Winnov Cbox hardware line and team to any company that is looking for the best overall integrated solution to produce high quality videos for both online and live event viewing,” said Gary Yantsos.

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