Winnov Releases Command Center 2.1 for Cbox Deployment Monitoring and Control

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The latest version will provide customers with an easy way to remotely monitor and control Cbox recording and live streaming activities from anywhere

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 23, 2017 –– Winnov released the latest version of Command Center, its centralized monitoring and management application for Cbox recorders. Command Center 2.1 features enhanced and easy-to-use tools that automate the video capture, creation, and upload workflow for any-sized presentation and lecture capture deployment.

With this release, Command Center 2.1 features a comprehensive dashboard and functionality which allows for real-time monitoring and control of connected rooms, input devices, and the health and activities of Cbox appliances on the network. The Command Center client application installs onto a PC, laptop, or tablet to extend the reach of deployment control from anywhere.

Multiple scheduling methods are available so that ad hoc and recurring recordings can be scheduled using the built-in scheduler or from Google and Outlook calendars. Through the scheduling interface, recording and live streaming activities and statuses for any Cbox recorder can be remotely set and viewed from a user’s device. 

Dashboard and email notifications let users know the state of Cbox recorders and deployment at all times. These notifications include; when recordings successfully or fail to upload, appliances are approaching low storage space, various errors, and potential hardware issues.

The Command Center touch page allows users access to various session templates and low-latency live previews of AV sources and session outputs (archives/live streams) of each Cbox recorder. Users can also remotely start, pause, and stop recording and live streaming on any connected Cbox. Additionally, programmable presets can be leveraged to switch between sources and video layouts during a recording or live stream for remote productions. 

A robust publishing tool enables users to automatically upload and map recordings and auto-generated metadata to multiple destinations including Panpoto, Kaltura, Ensemble Video, Warpwire, YouTube, and other content management systems. Recorded content can also be mapped to external devices and network-attached storage.

Winnov Command Center also enables user management so that various user roles can be easily created and managed from the application. It can also tie into an organization’s Active Directory to ensure each team member has the appropriate permissions for deployment monitoring and control.

“The latest version of Winnov Command Center further simplifies rich media capture, creation, and upload for any user and any-sized deployment. Winnov is committed to developing and introducing technologies that make it easy for any organization to capture and share rich information in an intuitive and cost-effective way,” said Olivier Garbe, President & CEO of Winnov.

Visit Winnov during InfoComm17 at booth #1121, Panasonic booth #1301, Sony booth #2200 or at UB Tech 2017 booth #617. Winnov will introduce and demonstrate its new IP video capture technology combined with Command Center 2.1 application to extend remote capture and deployment monitoring and management. 

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