Command Center 2.2 Has Arrived!

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We’re excited to announce the latest release of Winnov Command Center, our deployment monitoring and management software!  Command Center 2.2 includes minor and major enhancements to improve live production workflows and lecture capture deployments.

What’s New?


Panopto Live Streaming

Now you can live stream from Winnov Cbox systems directly to Panopto’s cloud-based video platform. Users have the flexibility to create a live webcast right from Command Center or select an existing session from a Panopto folder. Live streams can also be scheduled in advance using the Command Center Scheduler tool.



YouTube Integration

The new YouTube publisher add-on for Command Center enables users to take high-quality recordings created by Cbox and securely and automatically upload them directly to their YouTube channels. Users can even select viewing permissions in advance before uploading recordings to YouTube.



IP Stream Capture* 

Capture high-quality IP streams from Panasonic HD pan-tilt-zoom cameras and feed them directly into Cbox. Cbox supports multiple input feeds simultaneously and can create independent recordings and streams from each camera. This enables users to run a single cable to help simplify remote production applications.



Intelligent Metadata Creation

Our improved technology intelligently detects and auto-creates metadata from presentation slides and video. Searchable text, chapters and images are automatically indexed and synchronized with your videos. Viewers can now navigate to any specific segment of their rich media recordings with even greater precision.



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*Beta version

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