Command Center 2.4 is Here!

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We’re thrilled to announce the latest release of Winnov Command Center, our Cbox monitoring and management software! Command Center 2.4 features an updated third-party scheduler, enhancements to the recordings management tool, and a new mode for local capture and streaming. The updates extend options for video production and streamlines scheduling activities and management of recordings.

What’s New?


Easier Scheduling with 3rd Party Calendars

The new Command Center scheduler tool is now better integrated with third-party calendars that include Google, Outlook, and Kaltura, allowing users to schedule recordings and live streams with tools they are already comfortable using.



Optimized Mode for Local Video Productions

The new local mode extends additional options for video production. Users now have the flexibility to operate Cbox locally for recording and live streaming and also remotely from a laptop or PC with Command Center client.



Preview Uploaded Videos Inside of Command Center

Recordings can now be quickly accessed via auto-generated links within the Command Center user interface, enabling users to easily and conveniently preview videos that are uploaded to their content management system (CMS).



Automated and Manual Upload Workflows

Users can now manually publish completed Cbox recordings from the Command Center user interface. This new option supports deployments where manual workflows are preferred and provides a way to re-upload recordings after any unsuccessful attempts.


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