Command Center 2.5 Released!

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With the release of Command Center 2.5, Winnov continues to enhance its Cbox management and monitoring software for lecture capture and enterprise video deployments. In 2.5, we’ve added output health monitoring for recording and live streaming, enhanced search and filtering capabilities, a remote update tool for Cbox appliances, and additional UI and UX improvements. Check out what’s new in 2.5 below!


Output Health Monitoring in Real Time

The new output health monitoring feature provides another level of intelligence when it comes to viewing Cbox recording and live streaming activities. Users now have the ability to view real-time, output health status and metrics related to video quality, performance, and network status.

Command Center 2.5 - Output Health Monitoring


Enhanced Search and Filtering Capabilities

View and manage your Cbox deployment more efficiently with expanded search and filtering capabilities. Users can now easily search and sort by session names, rooms, appliances, appliance status, and recording & streaming status with just a couple of clicks.

Command Center 2.5 - Appliance Status Filter


Ability to Remotely Update Cbox Appliances

Need to make sure your Cbox appliances are up to date and equipped with the latest features? The new remote update tool lets users view appliances available for update, then enable them to conveniently choose any or all Cbox recording and streaming systems to be updated.

Command Center 2.5 - Remote Update Tool


Improvements to the User Interface and Experience

Additional enhancements have been added in 2.5 for an even better user experience in our Command Center. This list includes; “Destinations” columns in menus, ability to clone and download session templates, live video input previews, and auto-save functionality.

Command Center 2.5 - Destinations

Command Center 2.5 - Live Video Input Previews

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