Creating Game-Changing Video Innovations

We at Winnov have immersed ourselves in the technology since the early days of internet video. Starting with capture cards and webcams, we’ve evolved into the force we are today. Trusted in top universities and enterprises today, we launch video needs forward and continue to make game-changing innovations facing challenges head-on.

There are many great companies out there that help you manage and deliver your video. But what about someone that will help create it? We’re those guys!


We believe freedom and simplicity are paramount. From start to finish, you have the freedom to create engaging video with a simple path to achieve it. We play well with others, too, integrating with third-party hardware control systems and content management systems. Now, THAT’s freedom you won’t find elsewhere!

We’re the puzzle piece that adapts to fit where others can’t.

Whether deploying an automated classroom capture solution, broadcasting your CEO’s story across the globe or running a multi-camera production, we’ll capture it all! We take the confusion out of recording and streaming video, and provide the ease-of-use for anyone to be able to produce a professional production.

Having pioneered these waters we continue to welcome the challenges to help us grow and make a difference.

Quick Company Facts

  • Tech enthusiast, Robert Scoble aka Scobleizer, worked here.
  • The company name was derived from the word, “innovation.”
  • Over 50,000 customers worldwide trust Winnov for its reliable and flexible solutions.
  • Cbox won the Editor’s Pick Award from Streaming Media Magazine in recognition of advancing video capture and communications in multiple markets.
  • Winnov is privately owned
  • Beer is preferred over champagne at company parties.