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Introducing the new and flexible Cbox S3, a presentation and lecture capture appliance that enhances the effectiveness and reach of any educational, enterprise or live event communication by capturing and creating immersive live and on-demand video experiences. It’s ideal for educational institutions, enterprises, training organizations, and health care facilities.

Cbox S3 takes simultaneous feeds from HD sources and AV equipment, including microphones, pan-tilt-zoom cameras, DVD players, document cameras and video conferencing equipment. It also captures your computer output as a video stream, allowing you to demonstrate any application on your computer. Text and images are automatically extracted and indexed, making search and navigation easier and precise during playback.

For a limited time, purchase five Cbox S3 appliances and get one FREE!*

Cbox S3: Presentation and Lecture Capture Solution
  • Connect to a wide range of input options
  • Capture multiple HD sources simultaneously
  • Record and live stream immersive HD video
  • Create optimal playback experiences for the web and mobile devices
  • Eliminate post-production work with real-time auto-indexing and metadata creation
  • Automatically record and upload rich media content to your CMS/LMS
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Hurry! Offer ends May 31, 2016.

*Offer is limited to U.S. customers. Product substitutions available upon request.

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