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Multi-source Capture

Record up to 5 HD inputs simultaneously and capture the entire experience. Viewers can then later move and resize video windows in the integrated Winnov HTML5 player for a custom and immersive experience.

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Metadata Auto-creation

Automatically generate hi-res images, chapters, thumbnails, searchable text for your video recordings. Our software automatically enriches your videos in real time without any post-production required.

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Optimized Experiences

Create optimized viewing experiences for desktop and mobile devices. The intelligent Winnov HTML5 player features auto-detection and delivers the best experience to the viewer’s device.


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Flexible Upload Workflows

Automatically upload your video experiences and recording metadata to specific media libraries. You can simultaneously back up content and transfer to external devices.

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Map Content to LMS Courses

Take automation a step further by mapping Cbox recordings into media libraries and embed your playlists directly into LMS courses and social media channels.

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Live Stream to EV

Live stream from Winnov Cbox systems directly to Ensemble Video’s platform. Create ac hod events or schedule your live streams in advance in the Command Center Scheduler.


Winnov + Ensemble Video Sample Recording

Watch the sample recording captured by Winnov Cbox and experience it through the Winnov HTML5 rich media player. Winnov and Ensemble Video platforms combine to create a robust and automated workflow to capture and create engaging, multi-source video experiences.


Automatically Enhance Your Video Experiences

Cbox captures multiple HD video sources at the same from cameras and other devices while auto-generating metadata for precise navigation within the videos. Cbox transforms recorded sources into enhanced video playback experiences in the integrated Winnov HTML5 player.

Winnov HTML5 player chapter icon


Easily navigate inside of rich media Cbox recordings by selecting any of the auto-created chapters.

Winnov HTML5 player thumbnail icon


Quickly skip ahead or jump backward to any video segment by using the auto-generated thumbnails.

Winnov HTML5 player search icon


Search for text and keywords and jump to the precise points in the video where the words were discovered.

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Custom Viewing

Move and resize the various video windows for custom tailored and more engaging experiences for your viewers.

  • The Winnov and Ensemble Video Platform integration makes it easy for faculty, students and technology professionals to leverage classroom recordings inside their LMS. Technologists love the capabilities of the Winnov recorders, while faculty and students appreciate the rich viewing experiences. This makes the combined Winnov and Ensemble Video solution an attractive lecture capture solution for any campus.

    –Scott Nadzan, VP of Marketing & Sales at Ensemble Video