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Kaltura Scheduling Integration

Scheduling Integration

Schedule recordings for each Cbox from Kaltura and automatically upload content with metadata to your course as part of the Kaltura building block or in MediaSpace.

Multiple Input Capture

Multi-source Capture

Record up to 5 HD inputs simultaneously and capture the entire experience. View any source in Kaltura’s interactive player for an immersive experience.

Real-time Metadata Creation

Metadata Auto-creation

Automatically generate and synchronize hi-res images, chapters, thumbnails, searchable text with video recordings. Also add title, tags, and description that maps with your recordings.


Flexible Publishing Tool

Flexible Upload Workflows

Automatically or manually upload your multi-video experiences and recording metadata to Kaltura KMC. You can simultaneously back up content and transfer to external devices.

LMS Icon

Map Content to LMS Courses

Take automation a step further by mapping recorded content beyond Kaltura KMC and into your various MediaSpace channels and LMS courses.

360 degree video icon

Deliver 360-degree Video

Auto-upload 360-degree recordings from Cbox into Kaltura’s platform and display it in the 360º player. Kaltura users can now fully immerse themselves in the experience.

Multiple Media Owners

Assign Media Owners

Automatically assign specific administrative owners and content creators of uploaded media to make content access easy for faculty and channel owners.


Winnov + Kaltura Sample Recording

Watch the sample video experience recorded with Winnov’s Cbox HD capture and streaming solution. Winnov and Kaltura platforms combine to create a robust and automated workflow to capture and create engaging, multi-source video experiences.

Kaltura Player Sample Recording


Automatically Enhance Your Video Experiences

Cbox captures multiple HD video sources simultaneously from cameras and other devices while auto-generating and synchronizing metadata to the videos. It transforms recorded sources into enhanced video playback experiences in the Kaltura interactive player.

Kaltura Player Chapter Icon

Search and Chapters

Search for text and keywords and jump to any specific segment of the video where the word was found in the recording. You can also easily navigate in the video by selecting a chapter or thumbnail.

Kaltura Player Video Layout Selector

Video Layout Presets

Choose among various video layout presets to personalize the viewing experience. Switch from side-by-side to picture-in-picture video layouts or even isolate the layout to single source viewing.

Kaltura Player Stream Selector

Video Stream Selector

Access different video streams during playback when multiple video archives are captured, created and uploaded from Cbox. Choose any desired video stream to customize your viewing experience.

  • Kaltura’s goal with the Open Capture Standard is to promote an open ecosystem for video capture, enabling customers to use the hardware they want and the ability to manage all of their video in a single stack. Partnering with companies like Winnov that support this vision will help bring the Open Capture Standard to fruition.