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Whiteboard Content Saved Directly into Your Cbox Lecture Recordings

The partnership between Winnov and Kaptivo unites content from lecture video recording, slide presentations, microphones, and dry-erase whiteboard content. Until now, higher education classrooms have been unable to successfully capture whiteboard content, despite the fact that traditional whiteboards continue to be widely used in education. Now, all content is stored in a single timeline of material for easy viewing, navigation and storage.

Easily record content from slide presentations, video cameras, and also capture high quality images from the whiteboard using KaptivoCAST HDMI converter.

Kaptivo Digital Processing

Kaptivo automatically captures every whiteboard image and integrated digital image processing improves legibility and crispness for easier reading.

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Winnov Cbox auto-generates slides from the KaptivoCAST HDMI stream and syncs it to recordings for easier video navigation and enhanced learning experiences.

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Enhance Your Video Experiences with Winnov + Kaptivo

Watch the brief video below to see how Winnov Cbox + KaptivoCAST HDMI transform recorded lectures and meetings into more engaging video experiences for your viewers!

Winnov + Kaptivo Product Demo

  • The approach to capturing whiteboard images is typically to point a traditional HDMI camera to the board.  While the cameras are usually very high quality, they still suffer from other issues – there is likely to be glare and reflections from lights required for good video capture, and of course you will have the instructor blocking the view of the board itself.  These are exactly the problems that Kaptivo solves and at a fraction of the cost of a high-end HDMI camera. In addition to your traditional whiteboard, all you need is the Kaptivo camera system installed above your whiteboard, the KaptivoCAST HDMI converter that plugs straight into the Winnov box and you’re good to go.–James Adams, Technical Services Manager at Kaptivo