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Single Sign-on Integration

Enable single sign-on (SSO) and log into Panopto easier and more securely. Spend less time searching for passwords and more time creating rich media content for your audience.

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Multi-source Capture

Record multiple HD sources simultaneously and capture every presentation device. View each and any source in Panopto’s interactive player for a custom-tailored VOD experience.

Metadata Icon

Metadata Auto-creation

Automatically generate a table of contents and searchable text for easier and precise inside-video search. Titles and descriptions also map with your recordings, making videos easier to find.


Upload Icon

Flexible Upload Workflows

Automatically or manually upload your multi-video experiences and recording metadata to Panopto’s platform. You can also back up rich media content and transfer to external devices and NAS.

Folders Icon

Map to Specific Folders

Take automation a step further by mapping recorded content into specific Panopto folders to ensure only the appropriate users and groups have access to the recorded content.

Panopto Live Streaming Icon

Live Stream to Panopto

Live stream from Cbox directly to Panopto’s platform. Users have the flexibility to create a live webcast right from Command Center or select an existing session from a Panopto folder.


Winnov + Panopto Sample Recording

Watch the sample Panopto experience recorded with Winnov’s Cbox HD capture and streaming solution. Winnov and Panopto platforms combine to create a seamless and automated workflow to capture and create engaging, multi-source video experiences.

Panopto Player Screenshot


Enrich Your Video Experiences Automatically

Cbox captures multiple HD video feeds simultaneously from cameras and presentations sources while auto-generating and synchronizing metadata to videos, enriching the experience automatically. It transforms recorded sources into enhanced video playback experiences in the Panopto player.

Panopto Search Icon

Precise Search 

Search for specific text and keywords and jump to any specific segment of the video where the word was found in the recording.

Panopto Table of Contents Icon

Table of Contents

Easily navigate to any part of the recording with the table of contents which are automatically created by Winnov Cbox.

Panopto Source Icon

Source Selector

Choose and switch between sources to personalize what you watch. Fullscreen any window to simplify the viewing experience.

  • Through the use of the Universal Capture Spec, the multi-source recordings and extensive metadata captured by Cbox can be ingested into Panopto in full fidelity. The result is a more immersive viewing experience that goes far beyond simple, picture-in-picture video playback.