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Simple and Scalable Presentation & Lecture Capture

Introducing Cbox L3, a video capture and streaming solution that enhances the effectiveness and reach of any educational, enterprise or live event communication by capturing and creating HD live and on-demand video experiences. The low-cost Cbox L3 is ideal for big deployments; A perfect fit for organizations requiring presentation and lecture capture across a large number of rooms.

Easily publish your recordings and live streams to popular destinations

CMS and CDN Destinations

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For Big Deployments

Designed with big deployments in mind, the low-cost Cbox L3 is the ideal solution for classrooms, conference rooms, and other environments where AV equipment and technology is light yet high-quality recording or streaming is a critical requirement.

Schedule Recordings

Schedule back-to-back Cbox recordings and live streaming in advance using the built-in scheduler or 3rd party scheduling via Outlook, Google, and Kaltura. Choose from various templates to automatically record and live broadcast and map your rich media content and streams to specific destinations.

Multi-video Capture
Dual Source Capture

Easily connect 2 HD inputs to capture two HD video and audio sources simultaneously for dual source on-demand video experiences. Enhance recordings by capturing high-quality whiteboard content from Kaptivo. Cbox supports HD/3G-SDI and DVI/HDMI/RGB video inputs and a host of analog and embedded audio inputs making connectivity flexible and easy. Breakout Cable and Push Pin models are offered to ensure you have the right system that fits your needs.

Real-time Metadata Creation
Metadata Creation

Integrated optical character recognition and scene change detection technology extracts text and hi-res images automatically from your computer, document camera, and other sources in real-time. Eliminate post-production work by auto-indexing chapters, thumbnails and searchable text and automatically synchronize it with your recordings to enhance rich media playback experiences.

Multi-output Creation
Multi-output Creation

Support for many popular archiving and streaming formats enable you to choose from a multitude of video formats and streaming protocols for your recording and streaming workflows. Multiple encoders are built into Cbox allowing flexible session output configurations and the ability to produce any combination of independent recordings and live streams for your specific application and requirements.

Flexible Publisher Tool
Flexible Publishing Platform

Winnov’s publishing platform extends automation by auto-publishing rich media Cbox recordings to popular CMS solutions including KalturaPanopto, Ensemble Video, Warpwire and more… Content can be further mapped to specific video portals and LMS courses. The platform even enables you to transfer content to network and external storage devices. Simultaneous uploads to multiple destinations help streamline and automate your publishing workflow.

Optimized Device Playback
Optimized Playback Experiences

Display sizes vary between smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops – meaning a standard, multi-source video layout targeted for one type of device may not translate into the best experience when the same video layout is played back across other devices. Combining its multi-output ability, real-time metadata creation, and Winnov’s HTML5 rich media desktop and mobile player, Cbox creates custom-tailored content for targeted device types to ensure optimized playback experiences on any device.

Video Capture & Streaming

2 HD + 1 Analog

Audio Capture & Streaming

All 7 Analog + Embedded

Simultaneous Session Outputs

2 (Archives/Streams)

Video Input

1 Analog (Composite)

Option 1: Audio Input
(Pushpin version)

2 Stereo Balanced
3 Stereo Unbalanced (1/8” TRS jack)
6 SDI embedded audio channels
2 HDMI embedded audio channels

Option 2: Audio Input
(Breakout Cable version)

2 Balanced Mono Mic / Line (XLR)
1 Stereo Balanced (XLR)
4 Stereo Unbalanced (RCA)
6 SDI embedded audio channels
2 HDMI embedded audio channels

Video Output

2 Mini DisplayPort

Audio Output

1 Stereo Balanced (XLR)
1 Headphone
1 Headset

Digital I/O Control

4 Inputs
4 Outputs


256 GB SSD
W x L x H
8.66” x 6.10” x 1.73”
220mm x 155mm x 44mm

Power Requirements
Power Consumption

3 lbs
19V DC

Winnov provides comprehensive support services and Winnov’s Cbox Gold Support Plan (CSP) is tailored to provide total hardware, software, and product support to ensure end users are getting the most out of their Cbox HD capture and streaming solutions.


Cbox Gold Support Plan guarantees the performance of hardware and software for 12 months after delivery of Cbox. Cbox Gold Support Plan coverage includes the following benefits:

  • Phone and email support during standard support hours (9AM – 5PM PST, Mon – Fri)

  • Target response time: 8 business hours

  • Remote troubleshooting

  • Unlimited live product training sessions

  • Access to major software updates, minor feature releases and the latest software patches

  • Cross-shipment of advanced replacement hardware within 24 hours

Cbox L3 Rack Mount Kit (single system) 

The 2-piece rack mount kit with extended ear enables users to easily and securely mount Cbox L3 in a standard 19″ rack.

Cbox L3 Rack Mount Kit

Cbox L3 Rack Mount Kit (two systems)

The 3-piece rack mount kit with lock bracket enables users to easily and securely mount two Cbox L3 systems side by side in a standard 19″ rack.

Two Cbox L3 Rack Mounted Side by Side