Enterprise Video Communications

Communication is key to any business. The award-winning and simple-to-use Cbox capture and streaming system saves both time and money by giving you reach to employees and stakeholders worldwide without the need to purchase a ton of audio-video hardware or extra staff to support your productions.

Unlike basic presentation recorders and encoders, Cbox does more than record a slide presentation and talking head – it captures multiple sources simultaneously including audio from the instructor and computer, multiple HD cameras, and video-conferencing equipment. Chapters, thumbnails, hi-res images, searchable text are automatically generated and indexed to enhance video experiences to better engage your target audiences.

Cbox captures and live streams everything from all-hands meetings to multi-cam live conferences. Easily connect several HD sources and produce immersive live and on-demand video experiences which are optimized for the web and mobile devices. Cbox seamlessly and deeply integrates with KalturaPanopto, Warpwire, Ensemble Video, YouTube and others, enabling you to schedule and auto-publish your rich media recordings to your enterprise video platform.

Whether company-wide address from your CEO or training material for your team, Cbox adapts to your video workflow and environment and simplifies enterprise video communications for your AV and IT staff. Bring your teams together with video made possible by Cbox.



  • Reach internal and external audiences everywhere
  • Bridge the distance and time gap
  • Live stream CEO town halls, all-hands meetings, and product announcements
  • Reduce your training and travel costs
  • Decrease AV equipment and integration costs


  • Improve knowledge sharing across your organization
  • Boost interaction, foster and improve collaboration
  • Deliver high-quality and high-impact executive communications
  • Capture and review important presentations and meetings
  • Enhance employee training and accelerate on-boarding


  • Enable on-demand video access for customers
  • Create engaging and in-depth video tutorials
  • Enhance product and service demonstrations with video
  • Simplify product training and troubleshooting
  • Topcon is now able to produce training material in a much shorter time than before while also improving upon the production quality of online material.



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