Lecture Capture Solutions

Packed with advanced and flexible features, the open Cbox lecture capture recorder is engineered to meet the ever-growing needs of faculty, students and AV & IT staff. Cbox is deployed at colleges and universities worldwide in classroom and remote learning environments.

Unlike basic presentation recorders, Cbox does more than record a slide presentation and talking head – it captures multiple sources simultaneously including audio from the instructor and computer, multiple HD cameras, whiteboard, and document camera. Chapters, thumbnails, hi-res images, searchable text are automatically generated and indexed to enhance video learning experiences to engage and enhance learning for today’s tech-savvy students. Lecture capture recordings can be auto-published to your content management system (CMS) and mapped to specific learning management system (LMS) courses for your instructors.

Cbox seamlessly and deeply integrates with KalturaPanopto, Warpwire, Ensemble Video, YouTube and others, making life simple for AV and IT personnel and enables educators to focus on what they do best — teach.

As your lecture capture recording and publishing activities increase, being able to easily monitor and manage your deployment becomes vital. Winnov Command Center allows you to easily scale your lecture capture deployment and provides centralized monitoring and complete control from anywhere for high-touch room productions to fully automated video workflows.


Institution IconInstitutions

  • Maintain your competitiveness and stay at the technological forefront
  • Extend your reach and attract more students
  • Enhance traditional learning and expand online learning programs
  • Increase enrollment revenue and decrease costs
  • Live stream commencements and other campus events

Educator IconEducators

  • Create enhanced lectures by recording multiple presentation devices
  • Bring the classroom experience online
  • Record once and reach students everywhere
  • Re-purpose content for future lectures
  • Improve learning outcomes for your students

Student Icon

  • Learn anywhere, anytime with immersive content on any device
  • Experience the feel of in-class lectures and environment
  • Personalize viewing experiences through an interactive player
  • Review material at own pace and as many times as desired
  • Enhance studying and exam preparation techniques
  • Winnov and Warpwire’s technologies just work so well together. Automating the full process of lecture capture and secure delivery should be this easy for all of our clients.



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