Medical Recording and Streaming Solutions

The award-winning Cbox is an advanced and robust HD capture and streaming solution that records and streams medical training sessions, complex procedures, simulations, and grand rounds.

Subject matter experts can easily record rich media, video presentations from their desktop, conference room, lecture hall or operating room from their fingertips. Just connect your presentation devices including laptop, multiple PTZ cameras, audio inputs and DVD player to Cbox and with the touch of a button, create a multi-camera presentation package that is ready to be streamed live or recorded.

Cbox fully integrates with Intelivert’s Medical Media Portal, enabling users to quickly assign a content category, add metadata and upload video content into Intelivert’s platform.

As technology improves medicine, communication within the healthcare industry should, too. Visual communication in this industry is an extremely valuable tool and providing proper and up-to-date healthcare information is critical. Enhance telehealth and educate diverse audiences around the world with Cbox.

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Medical ProfessionalProfessionals

  • Share best practices with others around the world
  • Capture medical procedures with greater detail and quality
  • Enhance medical training with multi-source recordings
  • Stream grand rounds live and on demand
  • Attend and review CME courses and conferences online
  • Supplement medical blogs with HD video



  • View lessons anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Experience the feel of in-room lectures and medical procedures
  • Personalize viewing with interactive player
  • Learn material at your own pace and schedule
  • Review complex procedures as many times as desired
  • Enhance studying techniques



  • Provide and improve patient care information
  • Personalize patient care and treatment
  • Enable anytime and anywhere access to healthcare information
  • Address and educate diverse audiences and increase medical awareness
  • Deliver latest health information to remote audiences

Featured Customer Case Study
  • “In the first year, program content increased tenfold and usage increased 800-fold to include more than 1,000 different educational lectures.”

    – Jim Rathmann, Manager of Data Design, VCOM

Healthcare and Medical Organizations using Cbox

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